What do I use to season Wagyu Beef?

The Japanese cultivated a tradition of slow methods to achieve the best tasting beef in the world.

From breeding, to rearing and feeding their Wagyu, the process is meticulous. Today in America, we tend to move faster and might not have time to grill a Wagyu steak over charcoal. Sumi Shio provides the flavors of charcoal in the oven, cast iron skillet, electric or propane grill. 

1) Let your Wagyu steak sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes

2) Apply just a pinch or two of Sumi Shio and massage into each side of your Wagyu.

3) We recommend using a meat thermometer to guarantee your preferred doneness: 125° for Rare or 135° for Medium Rare. This can vary depending on your type of Wagyu. For example, a thin A5 cut probably should skip this step and go straight to searing due to its thinness. Whereas a cut of American Wagyu, which might be 1.5 inches, should definitely be pre-cooked in the oven before searing.

4) Once you reach your desired internal heat, crank up the heat on your skillet and sear each side for a crispy seal.

5) Let your Wagyu then rest for 10 minutes under foil.

6) Cut with a sharp knife and sprinkle with a pinch of Sumi Shio to garnish.

How to cook American Wagyu Beef

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