Frequently Asked Questions

I grill a lot of beef but don’t always use wagyu. Can I use Sumi Shio for other types of beef?

Absolutely. Sumi Shio was curated to compliment the flavors and high fat profile of wagyu, but can be used on any cut of beef as a traditional dry rub.

I read that Sumi Shio was created so I wouldn’t have to cook on a charcoal grill. What if a charcoal grill is my preferred method of grilling? Can I still use Sumi Shio?

Of course. Here at Sumi Shio, we endorse all methods of grilling. Sumi Shio with a charcoal grill only leads to a larger emphasis on those natural charcoal flavors.

I’m new to wagyu, is Sumi Shio easy to use?

Yes! Sumi Shio was created for wagyu experts and beginners alike. Check out our blog for simple recipe ideas.

Is there a specific cut of wagyu beef that you suggest?

All wagyu is delicious, but here at Sumi Shio we love a good Denver cut.

You mention that Sumi Shio can be used as a garnish. How does that work?

Directly after removing your steak from the grill or oven, sprinkle Sumi Shio on top. It will crystallize and create an aesthetic topping for your steak.